Weight Loss Tips That Are Totally Crazy

Of course! You can lose weight at home. Internet, health magazines and our friends and neighbors are more than eager to give us weight loss tips. The question is do these weight loss tips actually work?!!!

It actually depends upon the reliability of your source.

Before buying a smartphone, gadgets, makeup or even shoes, we carry out extensive research. But when it comes to our body, we don’t really care that much.

Always listen to your body. It is a proven fact, before any health hazard, our body gives out warning signals. Make sure you know your body well.

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Time and again, I tell my readers, a healthy body is more important than a sexy body, great looks, and awesome hair.

If you are healthy, you are happy.

Today, in this post I am going to share with you 10 science-backed weight loss tips that are totally crazy.


Drink plenty of water every day. There are innumerable sources that prove water can help you lose weight.

Drink water before meals to reduce calorie intake marginally. Water is the best replacement for other beverages.

Stay away from sugar and high calories drinks. You can also keep a track of water intake on a daily basis by using health apps.

Daily Breakfast

Skipping breakfast is one of the biggest health mistakes. Surprisingly enough, maximum people who have lost weight are those who stopped skipping breakfast.

It is a common assumption that skipping breakfast will help lose weight. On the contrary, when you skip breakfast, you end up overeating your next meal.

Try to have an egg every morning. Eggs are rich in protein. A high protein diet can help you lose weight like crazy. Your body automatically burns calories in the process of digesting a high protein meal.

Eat on time to boost your metabolism.

Curfew Hours

Late-night munchies and binge snacking results in extra pounds in no time. You have to have curfew hours for your kitchen too. Fix a time at night after which you will not eat anything.

Stay away from snacks while watching TV. Binge watching and eating are to be avoided at any cost. While watching your favorite series, chances of mindless snacking are very hight.

Stay away from late-night snacking.

Black Coffee

People have demonized coffee without any reason. Coffee is loaded with antioxidants and many other healthy ingredients.

Unsweetened black coffee is one of the best energy drinks. It helps boost energy levels, burn calories and causes dramatic weight loss. Not only does it increase metabolism, it also reduces the risks of type 2 diabetes.

Increase Fruits and Vegetable Intake

Fruits and vegetables are the best weight loss tools. If you want to lose weight while munching, eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

They are high in water, fiber, nutrients and also have very low energy density. It means one can eat lots of fruits and vegetables in one seating without any fear of weight gain.

The more you eat these the less you weigh.

Small Container

Try using smaller plates and bowls to eat from and see the magic. If you use smaller food containers then obviously your food intake will decrease drastically. It will also help you see the portion of your food differently.

Most of the people have a habit of filling up their plates regardless of its size. It doesn’t really matter if you fill up small containers. Obviously, the portion will decrease in small plates, and it will affect your weight.

Brushing and Flossing

Many people have a habit of brushing and flossing their teeth after meals, especially at night. Brushing your teeth after dinner curbs late-night food cravings.

There are many people who avoid eating foods after brushing their teeth. I personally don’t like to eat after brushing my teeth as the food tastes horrible.

Go for flossing, brushing, or simply a mouthwash after dinner to avoid overeating.


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