Tryst With Fate

Ever since I can remember, I have always been the unlucky one. The first school I attended caught fire during the time of rebellious movement in Srinagar. Wow! What is rebellion today would be revolution tomorrow, isn’t it?!! My school should be there in the pages of History.

Well, am not so lucky.

My school was not set on fire by the militants, nor was there any military involvement in any rescue mission. Someone simply left a kangdi burning next to the circuit board. And, the rest is smoky history.

My childhood is a weird mix of cross-culture dilemma. In the year 2018, I saw two extremely romantic movies. The two movies simply blew my mind. Kuch Bheege Alfaaz and Laila Majnu are my two latest favorite romance movies. If you are a diehard romantic, you will surely love to watch both the movies back to back. But what would be the situation if you watch both of ’em parallelly?

Total chaos!!!

One is based out in Kolkata and the other one is set in the backdrop of Kashmir. One is the City of Joy and the other one is simply a Paradise on Earth. Each has its own charm. The problem rises when you try to blend the two into one.

Here, I am, an imperfect blend of perfection. My father hails from the head of India and mother belongs to the heart of our motherland. Wow! I am really good with words at times. Vanity is my biggest SIN – Surely I’m Narcissist.

All said and done, I am confusion personified. I want winter during the summers of Kolkata. The flood in Srinagar made me pine for the flat surface of Kolkata. I am this urban chick who feels claustrophobic amidst the looming mountains of the valley. In simple terms, I am always so ungrateful and nostalgic of the side I stay away from.

People say, puberty changes people.

Many at times, ugly duckling transforms into a beautiful swan. I might have to wait until my menopause for such a miracle. The females around me always comment that I get approached by really handsome males. Well, who wants a braindead handsome guy gawking at you like a desperate teen. Sigh! Wish, intelligent guys looked handsome too!!!

My life was not so perfect only until last month. That day, as I sat struggling with laptop keys, wearing the same old red-rimmed glasses with a pot next to me. Correction, a pot of coffee. Am yet to reach that sort of intellectual level where I can create and be high at the same time.

Sitting at the corner of Starbucks, punching the keys really hard, I tried desperately to meet the deadline. In my obliviousness, I thought I am invisible to everyone. To an extent it is true.

All my life, I have remained invisible.

Nobody ever takes any notice of me. Except for that one time, in that cafe.

An extremely handsome guy came and sat next time. As he logged in to his system, I stole a glance and surreptitiously checked him out. Yeah, yeah I know I am one of those creepy singles. But man, he looked really yummy with his chocolate brown skin, longer than normal manes and slender fingers. I love artistic hands. It makes my imagination run riots.

His eyes were hazel brown, don’t ask me how I saw the color of his eyes. The credit goes to years of checking out guys in stealth mode.

As usual, I got busy with my work. In my hearts of heart I knew his girlfriend or wife would arrive any moment. Luckily, that never happpened. My moment of guilty pleasure lasted for just a few minutes. I was back to my mouse self.

There it was!!! I literally fell from my seat. My yummy Zeus was reading one of my blogs. It felt like god level of awesomeness. I didn’t know what to do, I wanted to introduce myself to him. Man! that would have looked infinitely desperate.

Sitting there, he shared a few of my poems too.

Boy o boy! I was going bananas. Even before, I could enjoy my moment of fame, my laptop started to act weird. Too many pop ups started to flood my screen and create a ruckus

The noise of all the different popup ads was too embarrassing. I was hitting all the keys, trying hard to control.

“May I?” The handsome stranger volunteered to help. I didn’t have any choice but to hand him my system. There was something trustworthy about him.

No sooner did he take charge, the commotion died down instantly. He began to clean up my browser, obviously, I gave him permission.

My browsing history is as clean as mineral water.

Using the metaphor of holy water would have been more appropriate. The fear of religious fanatics put a tight leash on my creativity. Hence, mineral water.

Soon, he fixed all the issues of my laptop. As he restored all the previous tabs. Bang! There it was. My WordPress profile. It didn’t take him a second to realize, I was that anonymous blogger who writes his favorite stries.

“Coffee?!!” He asked with a hebby smile.

No music, no magical breeze and of course no sudden pause. But at that moment, I could feel my life changing. My fate changed over a cup of coffee. The tryst with fate began with that fateful encounter.

Anjum Baba
Published author and a professional content writer. Perceive the world from the angle of a philosopher, and analyze it by reading theories of great physicists. Reading is my passion, books are my mate and writing is my driving force. My readers are my lodestars.

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