Modern-day agenda follows two major rules. The belief in your faith and to have faith in your belief. As a child I had always been a peevish little youngster loaded with questions, fuming with discontent as a resultant of vexation and dissatisfaction with the available answers. Whatever may be the cause, the reasons were undoubtedly pale and fictitious.

Religion Gives Rise To…

A constant fear in the name of religion lingered in the name of faith, sin, and our social religious stigmas.

Time passed by, things changed. Views took the shape of posts; opinions telecasted; grief shared, and moments became headlines. It pangs me from within, that blatant lies have been refurbished in the name of Religion.

What Went Wrong?

It forces me to ponder that what went wrong with the course of time, that our very lives have been turned into a mockery. A mere belief is acting as a burden on entire humanity.

Cultures, creed languages all conglomerated with local belief systems gave rise to a Pathogen called Religion with GOD as its king. I simply fail to interpret why GOD became a commodity, with makers from around the world constantly making up things for the mass.

The Big Confusion

Modern day tools unite us virtually separating us from the real “me”. The list is huge, solutions are fragile. To cope up with the present scenario one needs to dig deeper into oneself. The haughty “I am” needs to take a back seat, it is high time we as a species should realize the pros and cons of the pseudo-spiritual ornament we are flaunting.

The Evolution

As per my knowledge is concerned, we are an evolved species now a community not ready to transcend because somehow, we still believe in what our parents said although we give a damn to them now.

It is engraved and embedded in our DNA to pay homage, respect and in return get rewards. This ‘give and take’ relationship is a human construct, because for an ant the rope on which it is clinging to is a huge 3-D cylinder, but it is difficult to interpret the added extra dimension for a human being standing at a distance.

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

So as per Einstein time is relative, hence perception is also relative. But as a superior self- obsessed narcissist race we take time to be relative but perceptions are absolute.

To any believer wearing a badge denoting his religion would always say his version of GOD (creator) is the supreme, but on the contrary, the very personification of The Creator is a fallacy, because it is a figment of our imagination, a negligible output forms a tiny little mass of flesh called human brain.

Are You A Seeker?

A concoction of various beliefs leading to concussion of consciousness. Instead of following, liking, and loving God one could just seek for the ultimate. Man, from the beginning, had been a seeker, an inventor; from a cave dweller to a mansion owner it is the work of Man. So why satisfy our own magnanimous desires portrayed in the name of the superior.

The Authenticity of Scriptures

Instead, we could peep inside ourselves, interpret the various religious scriptures as concrete historical evidence of primitive technology that ruled the Earth prior to Us.

Attention Over Attendance

Why attendance is important not attention? Why do we need go to ring chimes and summon God by virtue hymns? One cannot quantify consciousness but can qualify. The need to ascend, the appetite to know more is our prime duty as per our DNA’s construction.

The Quest Continues

But the quest remains: Who are we? Who left us here? Where are we heading to? And a lot many unanswered thoughts often lingers in my mind. Well to conclude I would include only a single agenda, a simple idea and a universal thought; of which for which we are what we are today and we would be what we are mend to be. Methods are numerous leading to the single point, ringing the same bell – the singularity.

It is “I” who is “HIM”; it is “HIM” that actualizes the very “I”.

Kunal Lahiri
I am someone who does not need any introduction. This is not vanity but humility. The person who is just a speck of sand in this vast universe holds no individuality or introduction. Writing is not my forte, learning is. Degrees are not meant for me, to me wisdom matters. To my readers, I am just a seeker.

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