Man Of My Dreams

Sitting idly with a pen in hand
Thoughts of you, attack and charm

Every time I say goodbye
You promise me you will meet me soon

Your goodbyes are a prelude to awaiting
My life is a journey
From your hi to bye

Day after day I wait and pray
Long for the sun
That will rise and say

It’s time you meet
Time you greet
The man of your dreams

Tall, handsome with features like Greek
Love the way you talk about the universe
Cosmos, religion, science, and deceit

Are you blasphemous
Or the sacrilegious son of Satan

Shunning the norm
Trampling the rules
Thwarting the beliefs
You are a rogue and brute

Connected by our difference
Brought together by force
Children of knowledge
We cannot be enticed

If questions are our star
Then contradictions be our guide

Anjum Baba
Published author and a professional content writer. Perceive the world from the angle of a philosopher, and analyze it by reading theories of great physicists. Reading is my passion, books are my mate and writing is my driving force. My readers are my lodestars.

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