“What would I do if I wouldn’t be afraid?”

This is the famous line from one of the most popular bestsellers ever. “Who moved my cheese” by Dr. Spencer Johnson, makes us question, that reciprocates in the mind of every individual who tends to dream to have a ‘wonderland’ of joy, serenity, and multitude.

The only thing that drains out happiness within us is the difference between workloads with work done. How many of us had eventually tried to finish the proposed work within a speculative period of time?

The problem is not the “work” or the pattern of work which has to be done, but ideologically, the behavioral method on which the work is done.

The difference lies within the self, but we like to sprinkle some salt rather putting balm into the pain of others.

How can one forget the controversy of the 2019 election?

The opposing party just needs to pull the legs of others so as to upgrade their system of organization.

‘The system needs to change’ demands the public.

Who had proclaimed the law of system to originate its virtue? Or it was just the parties who unlike Hitler order the system to rule! Or it’s ‘we’ who lighted the agony of hatred and ignorance into the hands of these fake people by the slogan of “Vande Mataram”.

We mock at the attitude of conveying work by these ‘fake politician’, burst out fire on the ‘new rule’ imposed by them, and even demand to make our country ‘corruption free’ despite helping those corruption to avail in the solitude at the back seat, wearing a mask of ‘innocence’ and ‘pity’ just like Kakai, vanishing the ‘upgrading’ country for more 14 years of darkness. And yet ask for freedom to smoothen the pain uprooted by one individual.

We take the examples of USA, CHINA, EUROPE, etc. for its systematic progress till date. But we forget to exemplify ourselves with those citizens who had not only changed their thought but eventually had joined to change the system of darkness into hope and aspiration.

Who is the main culprit behind our sufferings?

If the system was only soul responsible for its destruction then Japan would have had demolished far ages. The unity among them, the efficiency to tackle all problems, the equivalent force balancing the life of every individual out there, enforce them to be one of the richest countries not only in terms of value but humanity too.

Yet, we Indians like to sit in a cozy atmosphere of perseverance, dignifying our authority of democratic INDIA, lacks to build a counterpart of equality and prosperity around. Simply put the fingers on the leaders who had been scrutinized by the motion of our fingers.

Be it Vijay Mallya, Satyam, Sudipta Sen, Robert Bandra or Mehul Choksi, the biggest offenders, who are being accused of thousand crore scam, that changed with the unfettering of the economy and dismantling of license permit, an affliction cannot shake off, moreover if the companies are operating in a high pricing and alert environment.

But what’s makes these companies steal out outcome?

Is it only the fake authentication papers stamped by the dignitaries or is it we who fail to overlook the fact, fails to ‘sniff’ out the situation overrule so as to ‘scurry’ out immediately. We are just hemmed by the false illusion of ‘wonders’ that are polished evidently through various spices of mistrust and disillusioned.

Who really asked us to rely on those corrupt funds?

Haw! Strange, indeed true our desire; lazy outlook and gambling towards our attitude, swiped us through the isolated ‘Rann of Kutch’ instead of fairyland. And then, as usual, we just put the ball on others.

We are bound by the methods of bookish language but seriously do we introspect every little evidence in our real life incidents! If that was so how come this kleptomaniac brushes their hair with the comb of our emotions?

Things are diatomic but not mono anymore. We are still the slave of our false illusion, yet we proclaim to be free from the embezzler of Britishers. It’s high time to witness our mistake to lead a true life….

I end my exposer with the helm of Wordsworth:

“What we need is not the will to believe but the wish to find out!”

Alka Jaiswal
PGT English. Formerly associated with DPS and NPS as Class In charge of the senior section. Hold a Masters degree in English. A great expertise in writing poetry, whether it be Shakespeare's sonnets or Coleridge, Shelley, Keat's exemplary poems is all I want to dwell within me. Love to talk, travel and photography. I am a spiritualist and staunch believer.

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