How a Book Changed My Life Overnight

This post is for all the book lovers around the world. Books are like magical carpets that can transport you to a different space and time. Decided to write an article on my favorite book.


I was confusion personified.

My childhood has been spent reading classics and bedtime stories. The teenage years were a mix of Sidney Sheldon, Jackie Collins, and Jefferey Archer.

Selecting one single book out of a giant lot. This definitely was a tedious task for me. My emotions created havoc on my imagination. And I was not able to zero a single favorite.

Then, I thought, how about selecting a book that changed my life completely.

Bingo! I know one such perfect title that helped me come out of depression.

If words were magic then Cecilia Ahern is definitely the biggest wizard. The bestselling Irish author is definitely gifted. She has published more than 24 million books in nearly fifty countries. Definitely, the author of the whole world.

Cecilia Ahern is the author of my all-time favorites like

  • P.S I love You
  • Where Rainbows End
  • The Time of My Life
  • Thanks For The Memories
  • If You Could See Me Now
  • … and many more

Last night, I finished “Thanks for the Memories.” I will upload the review one soon.

The Time of My Life came to me at the right time. Or maybe, a really wrong time.

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Nothing was going my way.

Even in my mid-30s, I was struggling with my career. Honestly speaking, I was clueless about my forte.

A chain of failed relationships made me assume I am flawed.

Things appeared depressing on the health front as well. Diagnosed with Thyroid, I was hopeful, I might get diabetes soon.

There was a space crunch in my dingy little apartment. This erased all forms of creativity from my life.

All these adversities culminated in a mental breakdown. Signs and symptoms of depression were quite obvious.

Surely, I was undergoing depression.

Within a span of three months, I had put on almost 10 lbs!!! Yes, abnormal weight gain or loss is a sign of depression. I didn’t know what was happening to my body.

Concentrating on one single subject had become very difficult. My indecisiveness, lack of concentration and forgetfulness resulted in unemployment.

Sleep disorder or insomnia was a way of life.

Constant pain in my body and headache had turned my life miserable.

Nothing seemed to matter at that time. I was wrong in leading a hermit life.

Things that once excited me appeared boring now. Reading was something I had stopped. At that time, I thought I am having a reading slump. Or there are no good books available in the market.

There was a time when I actually thought that good writing is a thing of the past.

It was during this horrifying phase of my life, I got rescued by a book. ‘The Time of My Life’ by Cecelia has been a lifesaver.

This paperback changed my life overnight.

It was on one such depressing late afternoon, I sat with this title. Immersed in the story, I lost all track of time. By the next morning, I finished reading the book.

The last page of ‘The Time of my Life’ turned a new leaf in my life.

It is the story of Lucy Silchester who gets a chance to meet her life. Lucy has spent her time on earth ruining her life. When she meets her life, and I mean she literally meets her life, she was shocked to find it in tatters.

The main character of this book is my exact replica. Honestly, the sign of a good writer is creating real-like relatable characters.

For a moment, I also imagined my life in a physical form. I could see an overweight no-gooder with a receding hairline.

Just like Lucy, I also decided to change my life.

  • Face my fears.
  • At least, try to bring in a change.
  • Be honest with my self and others.
  • Talk less and interact more.
  • Be more productive.
  • Stop taking people I love for granted.

Finally, I realized my life is the biggest gift of my life. Nothing in life is more important than my own self. I need to have time for my life. When life calls, I will have to answer. I cannot let my life slip through my fingers.

Things began to change. Soon, I realized I have a passion for writing. Therefore, I decided to pursue my career as a writer. By losing myself in the magical world of words, I found myself. Now, my life is surrounded by LOVE.

I have people I love in my life. Some near some far. Those that are far away are closest to me. The ones that are near are too dear.

The time I started loving my life, it decided to return the favor.

Anjum Baba
Published author and a professional content writer. Perceive the world from the angle of a philosopher, and analyze it by reading theories of great physicists. Reading is my passion, books are my mate and writing is my driving force. My readers are my lodestars.

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