Essential Writing Tips From a Ghostwriter

Hello, fellow writers! It is wonderful to see you here. I know you are here looking for valuable writing tips. Here are some tried and tested writing tips from a professional ghostwriter. Quite evidently, you have a knack for writing. The question is “Will you be able to write a bestseller?”

Hell yeah!

Writing is one of the most powerful tools to bring transformation, change, or even revolution. If you can successfully put across your thoughts in writing then you are a bestseller author in making.

Who is a Ghostwriter?

Tha blatant reply to this question would be, a ghostwriter is someone who is hired to write your novel or ebook without receiving any credit. These writers sell out their writing skills in exchange of a stipulated amount.

They either get paid as per the Word Count or project.

I am a professional ghostwriter myself and I feel I can be any writer of any genre I want. Being flexible is my biggest asset. Calling me a bodysnatcher would not be wrong as I can adopt the writing style of almost any author.

My job is to put myself into the shoes of my client.

There was a time when people actually thought that print media is a dying business. We assumed that physical books will soon be history. Behold! We got J.K.Rowling. She is the torchbearer of modern reading. I know I am having a fan moment here, and my views might sound biased.

Actually, my views are biased (wink wink).

A quick Google search on best-selling authors of all time will generate the name of William Shakespeare. This information is based on the Wikipedia report. Surprisingly enough the writer who surpasses the bard of Evon is Mao Zedong. The estimated sales of Shakespeare are 4 billion whereas Mao Zedong has untold billions under his name!!!

What makes great writers stand apart from the regular herd of average authors?

  • Dedication
  • Voice
  • Narrative
  • Genre
  • Character selection


All good things take time, the same goes for your book. You cannot lock yourself up in a room for a month or so and expect to write something people will lead over and over again. A rushed writing will entail a rushed reading. Think hard before putting down your thoughts in writing. Each word counts. Make sure your audience gets to savor each and every syllable you put down in paper, or desktop to be precise.

It is always a good thing to write down a rough sketch of your plot in one seating. The short snippet of your book is something that must come straight from the heart. In this level, you have to let your editor’s brain take rest and let the writer within you take over. Once you have the body ready, the next step is to adorn it with a proper character sketch, landscape description, dialogues, conflict of ideas and narratives.

This is a standard way of writing a novel or ebook, you can have your own unique style. Follow whichever writing tips that work best for you.


It is very important to find your voice. Don’t let your inexperience reflect on your writing. You cannot write horror or thriller using lengthy sentences. Let your genre decide your voice. If it is a thriller, suspense, or horror then obviously you will have to use short sentences to create tension and nervousness.

Most of the romantic writers are adopting a light voice. Cecelia Ahern is one of my most favorite writers. Her humor and sensitivity are unbeatable. Another fan moment, I always go overboard while talking oops writing about my favorite authors.

In case you are confused about developing a unique voice then try to follow the footsteps of your favorite writers and learn to emulate their writing style.


A good writer is someone who can make you visualize what they imagined. For a short story, a detailed narrative of the setting and characters is not that important. In case, you plan on writing a full-fledged novel then you will have to give a detailed description of the plot setting, the appearance of characters and even weather sketch and expressions.

If you can make your reader transport to your novel then you are THE HERO of your book.


All the novels are categorized under one of the given genres; romance, crime, fantasy, science fiction, inspirational, western, horror and historical fiction. All the rest are sub-genres. It is advisable to have one main genre and a number of sub-genres.

YA, dystopia, and comedy, etc. are one of the popular modern genres. You have to base your voice, setting, and narrative as per your genre. Always go for the genre you are most comfortable in. I cannot imagine Stephen King writing a romance or Nicholas Sparks spooking me out. Each one of them is a pro in his own genre. You also have to master the genre you select.

Character Selection

When you are writing you have to create an imaginary world for your readers. Here, you have a protagonist, an antagonist, and their allies or enemies. It is important to give equal footage to both antagonist and protagonist. I know I turn biased when I discuss my favorite authors (blushing), you have to make sure you are equally loyal to both the main characters.

Your hero and heroine cannot be holier than thou. Creating flawless main characters is definitely cliched and vivid signs of a novice writer. Similarly, the main villain or vamp cannot be completely evil, illogically wicked, or horrendous looking. It is the right of the readers to know the reason behind the evil actions of your antagonist. After all, they need to have a backstory to learn why is he/she the way they are.

In the meantime, it is important to give your main characters some grey tint. Nobody is perfect after all. The other minor or major characters also play an important role. You need to connect the dots without any loopholes. Make sure when you are introducing a new character, they occupy a full-frame. All characters need to be complete and highlight their place in the story.

That’s all for today if you liked my writing tips then please do let me know. The comment box is open for your questions and suggestions.

Anjum Baba
Published author and a professional content writer. Perceive the world from the angle of a philosopher, and analyze it by reading theories of great physicists. Reading is my passion, books are my mate and writing is my driving force. My readers are my lodestars.

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