A Time Traveler’s Diary

Time travel has always intrigued and fascinated everyone. Is time travel possible? Will I ever be able to travel in time? How to be a time traveler? These are the questions that have created quite a stir in the world of science. Not just renowned physicists but an average person also wishes to crack the code of the time.

I was present at the party for the time travelers. The party was thrown by a world-renowned physicist. For hours I stood outside the building and saw him waiting for someone, anyone to turn up. There stood a man who vehemently refused the theory of time travel. To him, it was a heresy. The party for the time travelers was thrown to establish the fact that it is not possible to travel in time.

After waiting for hours without any success, the old man got up. He did not look too happy with his success. Although he had proved his point yet he felt a sense of great loss. He had finally achieved his aim. Now, without any cause to fight for, he was more a loser than a winner.

Taking slow steps, he left the building. I moved towards him, feigning surprise, “Mr. Cook!” The old man nodded indifferently. I could feel he was in no mood for any sort of formal or informal conversation. I needed to draw his attention before he left, “If I can go back in time and kill my grandmother on her way to school, will I be able to prevent my birth?” I blurted.

The physicist gave me a long penetrating look, shaking his head he asked, “How do you prove in the first place, you can go back in time?”

I offered him my theory, “In this universe, all the matter are rotating. Now, in such a universe, it is fairly possible to go off on a spaceship, and return before one set out.” The physicist waved indiscreetly asking me to come inside as he entered the party hall.

Offering me to take a seat next to him on his plush couch, the old man asked, “Why do you need a spaceship? What is the role of a spaceship work in time traveling?”

Feeling relaxed, I gave him my answer, “If space and time are inextricably bound up with each other, then one would need to come up with a solution on how to disentangle them in a unique way. This disentanglement theory is only possible if one is able to combine space and time into space-time. For this, one has to define the time and position of each event in which they occurred.”

I moved on with my theory, “Time and position at which one thought an event occurred, depended on how one was moving. In a room, we have different observers assigned with a single event. Now, the times that different observers would assign to that particular event would agree if the observers were not moving relative to each other. But these same observers would start to disagree more, the faster their relative speed. Here, the question arises, how fast does one need to go, in order that the time for one observer, should go backward relative to the time of another observer?”

I threw him a long look before I gave him the answer, “All one needs for time travel is a spaceship that travels faster than light.”

The physicist slammed my concept with his blatant reply, “Time travel is a fool’s notion because the universe started without any scope for such warping that would allow time travel. There is no evidence to prove that there ever was a warped universe. How this universe was created or who created it is a different topic but even if we suppose that this universe was created by some supernatural entity. Even then there is no evidential proof to confirm that this entity created a warped universe.”

Unhearing his retaliating concept, I continued, “My grandmother was clinically termed as a schizophrenic. Time and again, she used to suffer from bouts of frenzy, hysteria and seizure attacks. She always complained of seeing a man wearing two watches on both wrists. This man came out of nowhere and attacked her. The sighting of this strange man acted as her trigger. It triggered violent episodes of schizophrenia.

Time glided by in its normal pace for everyone except her, she was in constant fear of confronting that stranger. His eyes exuded hatred, disgust, and malice that he held for her. Tied down to time she was mentally paralyzed. Unable to feel, perceive or discriminate, she lived like a social vegetable.

Somehow, her family was able to marry her off to a dignified man. This dignified man was too good to be true. He held all the traits one would expect from an English literature professor. Cool, wise, and suave just how a true gentleman should be. He had only one demon in his dark closet of secrets – pedophilia.

Years later, my grandmother became a mother-in-law. No sooner did my mother enter her life, her schizophrenia relapsed. She always planned and plotted to cause severe damage to her daughter-in-law, meaning my mother. It was a mystery why this manic attack all of a sudden. Was she actually suffering or her ailment was just an excuse to make her daughter-in-law suffer. Everyone knew she could not discriminate between dark and light.”

The old man shifted in his chair restlessly, he stated, “Why are you telling me all this?” Halting him by raising my hand, I continued, “My mother remained clueless to the reason behind her mother-in-law’s intense resentment for her. She deciphered the traditional mother-in-law aka monster-in-law syndrome but her instincts made her think otherwise.

Then I was born and I wish I could do something, anything to blot out my childhood memories. I wished to prevent my birth. For a child to live under the same roof as that pseudo dignified man is no child’s play. The battle still continues in my head who do I hold more responsible, the man of dignity or his schizophrenic wife who always stood outside the locked door as his watchdog.”

There were horror, sympathy, and pain in the eyes of the physicist. I got up to leave, he remained glued to his seat too shocked to move. He deserved to know the truth before I left, “Try to dig the Vedas if you wish to get the answers to your questions regarding time travel. I got mine from there. The concept of kala-purush is not a far-fetched fiction of imagination but it actually solves the age-old confusion regarding time, space, and matter. Don’t try to grasp an idea which only exists in the physical world. Time exists only in physical universe but if one goes beyond its realm, one would be able to enter another dimension, a dimension where there are no physical restraints. Don’t control something which does not exist. Your consciousness can take you to unchartered territories. Try to travel there.”

Finally, I held out my hands to shake with him on purpose. He saw the two watches on both my wrists, I smiled and left. My parting words were, “I am an exact replica of my mother!”

Anjum Baba
Published author and a professional content writer. Perceive the world from the angle of a philosopher, and analyze it by reading theories of great physicists. Reading is my passion, books are my mate and writing is my driving force. My readers are my lodestars.

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