A Star Is Born

Rajveer Shergill, aka Raj was still befuddled. Did he just walk the red carpet where the stars were shining down in clusters? Is it really happening or is he still dreaming lying in his bed in Mumbai Suburbs?

Mom will come soon or didi Rachna will knock his door with a cup of hot tea and his dawn will stare at his face with a sardonic smile mocking him with scorn and contempt. But hey no, IT IS REALLY HAPPENING!!

Dreamlike Reality

He is walking the red carpet of the most prestigious and glamorous award show of the country, in his velvety black tuxedo, where stars shine down every year to form a galaxy. He is just a minuscule planet or Pluto the Dwarf Planet as we refer to it now.

“Just because you fancy being called Raj, that doesn’t make you a superstar darling” echoed the caustic voice of a certain famous casting director in his ears from the past which was not so far away, while he slowly walked with his trademark swagger.

His First Award

He knew he will be receiving the Best Male debutante awards of the Year but this day seemed light-years away from those days of his relentless feud and wrangle with his destiny and the big bad world of Bollywood.

Let us flashback to a not so distant past.


Rajveer was born to act or rather perform. He was endowed with a huge quantum of passion, ardor and zeal. His vitality was epizootic. Although he belonged to a business family he had least interest towards the profit and loss discussion which took place every day at the breakfast and dinner table, his father helming the conversation.

Being the eldest son of the next generation, it was naturally expected from him to join the family business after he graduated. But his declaration “Papa I want to be an actor” created a furor in the entire family, with Mom crying, didi teasing, aunts and uncles all looking disgruntled and younger cousins sizing him up like an extraterrestrial element.

The Only Support

His grandmother was the only one who supported his dream. Sarla Shergill was a bit too biased towards her first-born grandson and have noticed how since childhood Raj became the life of every party, how he hogged the limelight in the family get together or weddings with his filmy song and dance numbers, imitating famous dialogues.

He had this easy charm which naturally attracted people towards this warm young boy. Sarla herself was a huge Dev Anand fan and how many times Raj had entertained her by singing “Yeh Dil Na Hota Bechara” or “Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara” or enacting scenes from “Guide”.

Raj had one devoted fan in form of his grandmother. So naturally, Sarla came to his rescue when Ajit Shergill was firing his son, “Are you insane? You want to become an actor? Is it? There is no history of acting in our family Raj. WE are a business family and we can’t allow you to pursue this unrealistic dream. Okay, theek hai, modeling shodeling karna hai toh who do chaar karloI will sponsor; you can be the face of our own product”

The Shergills

The Shergills owned a chain of luxury car dealerships in Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi. But acting? NO” Sarla stood in between father and son, “Ajit remember you wanted to study medicine and your father did not approve of it. You cried for months and I know till date you regret joining the family business. You always wanted to be a doctor, so why are you repeating history? I couldn’t protest at that time and take your side, I was not strong enough as your mother, but as Raj’s grandmother, I insist you support him in pursuing his dreams. Give him that wings to fly instead of clipping it down.”

The staunch matriarch reasoned in her indomitable tone.

“Mummyji, but I listened to Papaji and have I not done well in life?” Ajit argued, knowing he has lost his ground.

“Yes you did listen to your father but in all these years didn’t you harbor any resentment towards him or haven’t you once lamented that WHAT IF, I had fought back years back I could have become a doctor? Ajit I don’t want Raj to think WHAT IF in his life ever. Yes, you have done well in life and have nurtured all of us in supreme luxury but by crushing that one passion you had. I couldn’t stop that to happen. But I will not let you slaughter the dream Raj has.”

The Pursuit of Dream and Destiny

And so began Rajveer’s tryst with Bollywood or destiny. He started approaching photographers to make a portfolio for him, but every time all his efforts were futile. To make the situation more worse he had gay encounters with casting directors who promised him roles under big banners in lieu of one night with him, that day Raj came home feeling soiled, he felt his ambitions and dreams had been tarnished.

He wanted to become an actor; he wanted to enthrall the audience with his performance but not by selling himself, not by compromising and that was what needed in this industry if you don’t have a famous father. “But I can act, I really can” shrieked Raj to himself.

He could see his vision torpedoing into thousand bits and pieces, the harsh reality was unveiling itself in front of his eyes and was demolishing his lifelong passion. Raj slumped on the ground in his room, covered his face with his hands and tears rolled down, the unstoppable storm of tears washed his dreams far away from him.


Rajveer was truly star struck as he noticed Amit Mehra, his wife Maya Mehra and the famous daughter in law Arshiya Mehra, a superstar in her own right sitting at a stone throwing distance.

“I feel like a kid in a candy store” the child in Rajveer giggled.

He turned his neck and came eye to eye with Shiraz Khan and his gorgeous wife Garima Khan. “God Shiraz is for real, how many times I have danced and sang to all his hit numbers. Can I ask for his autograph?” Rajveer was still innocent enough to harbor such sentiments.

“Ah here comes Randeep Khurana, another protégée of the famous Khurana clan, famous father, famous family, and famous grandfather, producers are queuing up his home by now.

But Randeep is a good actor. Someday Randeep someday the wheels of time will change and I will get to share the same platform with you, I won’t leave an inch or give you an opening.

”Rajveer took a silent oath. The first performance started on stage, Akshat Bhatia put the stage on fire. A fire started to ignite inside Raj’s heart as well.


Rajveer realized that going from one door to other will not help him, this tinsel town was full of sleazy people who are waiting to nab at raw talents like him. He enrolled himself in Anurag Khemka’s acting school. Raj was waiting in the class anticipating the worst and his heartbeat was thudding loudly against his chest.

Anurag was a gifted movie star, a versatile genius, his spectrum of acting was huge. He has played the most hated villains, the most loved fathers, he has illuminated the silver screen with his phenomenal comic timings, at twenty-nine he had played a seventy-something bereaved father and won a National Award, in short, he was an institution in himself.

The Actor, The Institution Himself

To face Anurag and to be assessed and appraised by him was a matter of huge pride for Raj, he was looking forward to the training. Anurag entered the class and Rajveer found him extremely simple and down to the earth.

He was in his 50’s, bald and medium height, but his eyes shone with the love of his craft. He sat on the desk and addressed all his students in a way to make them feel right at home, “I feel so rejuvenated each time I see these fresh young face bubbling with energy, out in this big bad world to make a name for them. When I started out I thought I am no less than Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Robert DiNero, Denzel Washington and likes of them.

You young ladies think you are no less than Meryl Streep or Julia Roberts, but hey let me prick a pin to all these imaginary bubbles. Welcome to reality. This job is hard labor; you will have to give your sweat your blood, you will be emotionally drained out, sometimes you will need to bring out the greyest shade of your character to portray certain images on the screen, you will have to let go off all your inhibitions.

There will be times when you will be lip syncing to a romantic number but your hero or heroine will not be around, you have to catch the beat, enact that emotion that you are head over heels in love looking at a tree or a spot boy maybe. Scripts will not be given to you in advance, some directors want their actors to act impromptu, and they look for that improvisation which will set you apart from the rest of the clan.

Improvisation can be a look; can be the way you deliver your dialogues, or if you are just standing in a scene where the other actor is delivering his dialogues you can still improvise just by emoting through your eyes. See as actors our job is to infuse life and blood to the character we are playing to make it relatable, so eat think and live your characters. You need prep time, fine but sometimes some directors are very instinctive, they are mad hatters, they will come to the set, tell you this is the scene and off you go. So my advice would be always being on your best foot.”

The Acting School

Next day was a pure grueling session where Raj was asked to enact the role of a grieving gangster who has just lost his son. Raj came up with full-blown confidence and after he was done, Anurag looked at him quizzically and called him, “Raj, I know the entire nation has seen Nayakan umpteen number of times and Kamal Hassan is a legend. And I also noticed how you blended Hassan and Marlon Brando together; well that’s the influence of Godfather on all of us. You did that imitation beautifully, or should I say flawlessly, but imitation or mimicry is not acting Raj. Try and create your own style. Add your own understanding of the character, create layers and sub-layers to it, improvise the smallest mannerism, understand the critical nuances and then you are acting.”

Raj was overwhelmed. He was finally being able to see a fine ray of light at the end of a long dark tunnel. He knew he had a gregarious personality and sometimes he was over the top when he is performing, but through his acting classes he learned to curb down his high octane energy levels and enthusiasm, a novelty of character was taking shape in him and it made Raj more eloquent.

The Struggle Continues

Conversations with the casting directors were still going on but this time with the right guidance of Anurag Khemka, the conversations were more professional and polite, much to his liking. His portfolios were being made, his workout sessions in the gym prolonged, his diet became a strict ritual; watching movies at home became a holy practice.

Rajveer Shergill was preparing and the cine world did not know nor was pleasantly aware what a force of nature was waiting to explode which would take the showbiz by storm.

“Is this Rajveer Shergill?” a strong female voice enquired from the other end of the phone. “Yes, Mam. And you are?”  I am Soniya Sharma, casting director Dharm Raj Films” the phone almost dropped from Raj’s hand, he steadied himself and tried to speak, “Mam”, “Listen dude, tomorrow at 10 am sharp at the Dharm Raj Office with whatever portfolios you have, just be there. And I do not like people who waste my time, keep that in mind.” There was a buzzing sound on the other end.

The Big Break

He was ecstatic; he was in a complete frenzy, euphoria made him neurotic to an extent that he started jumping up and down from his bed, punching his fists high up in the air, “Dharm Raj Films!!!!! Can you believe it!!!!!!” he was grinning ear to ear with those cute dimples in full show.

The feeling sank in gradually, his state of elation and exhilaration took the shape of an acute nervousness, Raj developed cold feet. “I can’t goof up now, I can’t blow away this one chance after three years of hard work, and I can’t become a businessman” he kept telling himself.

He looked outside the big glass window and watched the moon taking its leave after lighting up the world at night and making its way for the glowing light of the sun to take its place. “This is my day and from now on I will own every morning, every evening and every Fridays will belong to me” Raj promised to himself.

By 9.45 am he reached the gates of Dharm Raj Films. The doors to his destiny opened in a slow motion and he walked in with slow yet confident steps, mind made up and focused, he could only see his face and name in the hoardings of a blockbuster in the future days to come. Little did he know he was sculpting his own future, he was sealing his own luck, and it was a divine decree?

The Encounter

Raj was escorted to the chamber of Soniya Sharma who was sitting on her cushioned sofa with her full weight and sized him up from head to toe. “Impressive, actually quite good. I mean looks wise. Let’s see if all these great looks can flirt with the camera.”

Till now Raj was standing, he was not asked to sit. “Sit down Rajveer; let us talk for a while and then its show time.” Raj could only nod; he was in an animated state of mind.

Soniya put down her spectacles on the expensive glass top table, sipped her black coffee in the embossed mug and put aside the bunch of papers and photographs she was immersed into.

“Rajveer I will encompass the current situation to you. See every day I see photographs of thousands of great looking young boys and girls from every corner of the country, who arrive in this tinsel town with only one dream-they all want to become tomorrow’s superstar. But superstars are not custom made, some people have it and some do not have it in them, as simple as that.

There are certain attributes audiences like and certain attributes they reject, in our business audience is the king, box office is the only validation. You might give one mega-hit, you are at the top of your game, but the next film is a huge flop, do you know what happens then? The audiences develop amnesia and you are immediately written off.

So the gap between success and failure here is this little. You don’t get a second chance, you know why? Thousands of Rajveers are waiting out there to take your place. Here, only talent speaks; here, the only love affair you can indulge in is with the camera and a word of advice, put that head on your shoulders firmly, don’t get swayed away by the glitz and glamour, don’t take the easy route of partying hard and leading an undisciplined life, instead concentrate on your acting skills, up your competency, your artistry and adroitness will only show in that seventy mm screen, and God forbid if the bags under your eyes after a late night party shows even after patches of makeup, the audiences can be quite ruthless in throwing you out of their mind.

Okay Raj, enough of a session for day one, let me take you to the boss.”

The Megamind

Raj wondered now who is he going to meet. He followed Soniya and appeared in front of an ornate wooden door, the name showed Suraj Kumar Raj, the elusive producer-director and the topmost authority of Dharm Raj Films.

Raj could hear the humdrum of his own heartbeats; he tried and composed himself as much as he could before meeting this game changer of the industry.

Raj found Soniya was quite at ease, which naturally came to her after a long professional association. She parked herself in front of Suraj and pointed towards Raj, “Suraj, this is the guy I spoke to you about last week; Anurag ji too has certified him. I was speaking to him all these while; he came across as a good listener. I want you to speak to him and then I will take it forward.”

The Golden Words

A man of very few words Suraj indicated Raj to take his place in front of him, “I don’t like to say much, but I implicitly trust Sonya’s judgments and she has put her stakes on you. Don’t prove her wrong.”

The meeting with the boss was over.

A slow smile played on Soniya’s lips and she gestured Raj to get up and follow her. Suraj, who was famously known as a Star-Maker, looked up at Raj from behind his thick glasses, “Rajveer, try and be honest while you are acting. The camera catches everything, the honest vibes and the dishonest vibes; you will never be able to fool a camera. The lenses see deep beneath you and bring out the best or worst. Always keep this piece of advice or suggestion in mind.”

The Audition

It was the time for an audition. Raj knew the time has come for which he has been waiting, prepping, dreaming for so long, for so many waking hours of nights. An elderly makeup man came and dabbed some makeup on his face, the lights were adjusted in a big room, which almost looked like a factory shed, the cameraman sitting on the top of a crane was shouting directions to the technicians and finally a young girl came with a page of monologue, “Read and memorize each word, this is your sheet of dialogues.”

Soniya entered the scene and watched a nervous wreck fidgeting with the sheet of dialogues. “You can improvise but the dialogues have to be mouthed in Delhi accent, you know na how the young lads of Delhi speak?”

“I will try Mam.” Raj did not want to show what was going inside his heart.

“You have twenty minutes Raj, get ready. And all the best.”

Childhood Banter

Rajveer was never this shaken in his whole life, he started thinking hard. Suddenly as if God smiled at him. Raj had a friend in college who hailed from Delhi, Karan Chetri. Raj closed his eyes in meditation, recollected all those days of fun and frolic in college where Karan spoke in a particular dialect – the Delhi accent.

Slowly Rajveer started marinating his brain, his mind and his heart with that of Karan’s. He knew he did not have much time to prep, all he could do was to transform himself completely from a Mumbaikar to a Delhite living in Chandni Chowk and that too in a short span of time.

The marinating was happening deep inside from looking with eyes little squinted, to walk with “I Am The King” swag, to instill inside more physical vitality, to be over the top with his dialogues. Finally, Rajveer Shergill was ready to face the camera.

The Magic Unfolds

Soniya was sitting afar and watching the magic unfold in front of her eyes- she was seeing the tomorrow’s super star which will shine in the galaxy of Bollywood sky and she was glad for the choice she made in helping Raj find his base.

The camera rolled, someone screamed “Action,” lights reflected on his solo image and here he went full guns.

Soniya almost forgot the guy she met in her chamber early in the morning, here stood Raghu Sharma, the hero of their upcoming film, in full form, no shyness, no hiccups in delivering dialogues and improvisations in each pitch with his trademark dimpled smile, hand movements, and mannerism which only Raj could master.

Soniya and Dharm Raj Films got their hero and the rest, as they say, was going to be history.

The Shoot Begins

Rajveer signed the dotted line the very next day and was introduced to Antara Sharma his leading lady, who was one film old with the same banner. She had debuted with the famous Shaheer Khan and was friendly on the sets.

The shooting began. Rajveer completely unleashed all his repressed energies to infuse soul into Raghu Sharma. He slept, ate and drank Raghu – he became Raghu. He requested the dress designer that he wanted to shop for his own clothes, he wanted that authenticity, and he was that perfectionist.

Since at that time he was a nobody, he never got mobbed and he shopped for his clothes at Sarojini Market at Delhi.

Raj had a vision of Raghu in his mind’s eyes. To him, Raghu was boisterous, was an extrovert wearing his heart at his sleeves, fiercely competitive, had lofty ideas, hated doing jobs for others, an entrepreneur was lurking inside Raghu’s heart, a self-owned car was his dream and a pinnacle of achievement, loved wearing bomber jackets with unbranded low waist jeans, gelled hair back brushed with a lock falling on the forehead, black square glares were an inseparable part of his persona- that was Raghu to Rajveer. And once he got the hang of the character there was no stopping him.

Director’s Hero

The director Mahesh Sharma was having a treat watching Rajveer in action. Every time he gave a shot, Raj came running behind the monitor to see his own shot. This kind of bemused Mahesh, so one day he asked, “Raj, why do you zoom in like a rocket after every shot to see yourself in the monitor? I am there to watch and correct you. So why?”

Confidence oozed in his reply, “Sir, when I give a shot its Raghu doing all the action, but it’s Rajveer who comes and ogles at the monitor. If Rajveer does not like or own up Raghu, how will the audiences love or even like Raghu? I come behind the monitor as an audience, not as an actor. The actor does his job in front of the camera but behind the camera, it’s the audience.”

Mahesh was taken aback by the reply from a debutante actor who has not yet seen the light of a release. Such maturity was rare, “this boy will go miles if he can continue with the same dedication and conviction.”

A Super Star in Making

Suraj Kumar Raj and Soniya Sharma got daily updates from the sets and they were more than happy. The guy was an amazing dancer too; his agility and fluidity to different dance moves sometimes landed his leading lady in a bit of a problem.

But then his friendly nature came to the rescue, they rehearsed for hours for the peppy numbers which were the soul of the movie.

It is challenging to keep impassioned expression contained, especially when you believe others will benefit from your experience. However, Raj was hypersensitive and anxious to share his opinion with everyone connected to the film.

While repression of emotions was never encouraged, the totality of what he wished to express became too much for the people around him. But Dharm Raj Films did not discourage his over-enthusiasm; they knew he was a volcano of supreme brilliance waiting to explode. They recognized a genius when they saw one.

Soniya was very indulgent, to her Rajveer was like her own baby she was about to hand over to the world.

The Photoshoot

Raj’s Rhapsody in front of the camera was a delight to watch and now Dharm Raj Films announced the release date of their much awaited film with Rajveer Shergill cast as the main lead.

Raj found himself to be a nervous wreck, he could not eat, could not sleep, he could not function at all.

Rohit Agastya the ace photographer was assigned to do the photo shoot for the promos Dharm Raj Films decided to release as teasers. Rohit was in the business for more than two decades and when his eyes chanced upon a raw new talent, he knew who was there to stay and who would be a one film wonder.

Raj was posing in front of Rohit’s camera with all the attention in the world. “Cut” screamed Rohit and Raj was jostled back to the reality from his trance.

“Come here boy” boomed Rohit Agastya.

A Wellwisher’s Advice

“Rajveer Shergill, let me give you some free advice, which will come in handy in your future, if you plan to stick to the show biz.” Rohit brushed his hand against his mop of white hair.

“Sir, I plan to stay and I am not going anywhere any time soon.”

Raj matched Rohit’s powerful gaze with his honest stare. “And why do you think so? What do you think sets you apart from all those wanna be actors struggling to enter the industry?” Rohit was testing the waters.

“My passion and the fire I have inside me set me apart.” Came a very confident reply laced with humility.

“Good then. Now listen Rajveer, when you are posing for the camera, remember a few things. First, drop all your inhibitions; an actor should be free of all kinds of shyness, diffidence or reticence. You are here to portray a character which is not you, so transport yourself into the character’s headspace. Like Raghu Sharma here is a brass Delhi boy, he does not have Rajveer’s eloquence or sophistication. He is loud, so his poses for the camera will be over the top, flaunting his abs, his bashfulness will come to the foray. Be loud, be colorful, and flirt with the camera as if it’s the only love of your life.

And then forget there is anybody in the room, it’s just you and your love, so do whatever comes to your mind, free yourself, break that shackle and go on young man. I don’t say this to many a mega star I have worked with, but the camera loves you. Learn a few technical aspects like which profile of yours should receive how much light.

According to me, your left profile is statuesque, play with it with the right kind of lights.” And there was no stopping Rajveer after this. He owned the photo shoot with his voguish modish and chic trendsetting courtship with the camera. He was wooing it, teasing it and dabbling in the plethora of joy.

The Beast Unleashed

Soniya was amused, “what have you done to him Rohit?”

“I unleashed the unhinged beast in him, mark my words Soniya, this boy is going to take the tinsel town by a deluge, a tempest one would like to reign in but won’t be able to or should I say the Arabian Sea will soon experience a tsunami of stardom of this guy?” Soniya beamed like a proud parent, Rajveer was her protégée and yes proud she was!

The movie released. Raj shone and sparkled in every frame in which he appeared, he took the audiences on a trip, in a mad crescendo they would take a life time to forget. Rajveer Shergill became etched in the minds of every cine goers from eight to eighty.

The Stars Shine Down on The Star

There was a wave, an outbreak of hysteria surrounding Rajveer. The social media was flooded with his pictures, his Instagram followers increased with every passing second. Fans stood in front of his home to catch a glimpse of the sweetheart of the millennial.

He started getting papped everywhere he went from gym to a normal coffee outing with friends. Requests for selfies were pouring in from every corner. The multiplexes were running houseful, the single screens were making money after ages, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari Rajveer became an overnight sensation, a phenomenon.

Producers were lining up at his residence, scripts were mailed to him in hundreds every day, and he was getting mobbed every morning on his way to the gym. It was a whole new gamut of experience for him.

Changing Times

Raj witnessed the changes in his home too. Sarla Shergill was on top of the world, her predictions about her grandson came true. His parents’ eyes got misty the first time they saw their son perform. Ajit hugged his son tight and thanked God that he did not repeat the mistake his father made. Raj’s mother was glowing in pride and so was his sister Rachna.

Suraj send him a huge bouquet with a CONGRATULATIONS note attached to it along with a new script. Rajveer smiled, a man of very few words and lot of actions indeed.

Rajveer Shergill was on a roll and thus started a super star’s journey in the world of cine glitz and dreams, in the bevy of stars.


Performances were going on in full blast on the stage in the Dharm Raj Studio which was like a home ground to Raj.

From the corner of his eyes Raj saw Shaheer Khan approaching him, he immediately stood up. “You are the new gun Raj, I was blown away by your performance.”

Shaheer was always generous with his compliments. Raj blushed scarlet, “Thank You, Sir, I can’t believe you are complimenting me. I have grown up watching you and the way you looked at your heroines lowering your aviators. Oh and the way you stretch your arms” Raj gushed.

“You are making me feel old young man, but on a serious note Man, I love you, what style, what panache. And do you know I am from Delhi? I couldn’t find a single point where you have slipped in delivering. It was as if you were born and brought up in Chandni Chowk. Keep it up boy, long way to go” Rajveer thought he got the Oscar after Shaheer so openly praised him.

The Stage Is Set

Finally, the time had come, where the stage was set on fire before announcing the recipient of the Best Male Debutante Award of the year. Rajveer never felt this edgy and neurotic ever before in life, not even when he gave his first shot.

The opulence, the infinite luxuriance of the award show faded into oblivion, he was stressed and highly strung. The host called upon the beautiful ravishing Deepsikha Prakash on stage to present the award after flashing the names of the nominees on the big screen behind.

“Hello everyone, I have been given the responsibility to announce the best male debutante award of the year. The job isn’t tough you know, because we all know who it is. Yes, he is a man of an avant-garde charm, overnight heartbeats of millions of girls, a pin-up boy, a poster boy, a blue-eyed boy and I can go on with the adulation.

He has created a furor in the tinsel town with an unbelievable portrayal of a local Delhi boy. He is such a brilliant actor, a repository of unstoppable vibrancies, liveliness and effervescence that he deserves the award today and every year to come. I personally would like to work with him, so directors are you all ears? Okay, let us just call the man up here, so that all of you can get a glimpse of him. RAJVEER SHERGILL, please come on, and grace the stage with your presence, the black lady is all yours to take back home.”

The Moment of Glory

Raj sleepwalked towards the podium, thousands of hands came towards him for shaking, known and unknown people were patting him on the back, and it was a complete frenzy. His adrenaline was in a mad rush and he dashed towards the stage. Suddenly his eyes fell on the 6 feet 3 inches frame of Amit Mehra, the living legend of Indian Cinema and Raj went to him and humbly touched his feet.

The otherwise reserved Amit ji, immediately got up and hugged Rajveer warmly and hold him by his shoulders, “You have a huge responsibility now. Now that you have earned it, you better be careful not to lose it.”

Rajveer got the best advice in life and with Amit Mehra’s blessings, he walked up on the stage. His eyes met with Deepsikha’s eyes, he drank in the sight of Deepsikha dressed in ox blood low cut sequined gown which accentuated her slim frame, Raj’s eyes fell on her sleek low bun, where the psychedelic light were creating light and shadow effect on her napes.

“She is prepossessing, oh my god she is alluring, ethereal.” She was translucent as marble but never had he seen anything so beautiful, and so unearthly. Two pairs of eyes met, Cupid struck and Rajveer was smitten by the dimpled beauty.

“One day I shall marry you, and only you will be the mother of my children, I promise.” A sudden shyness took over Rajveer and he accepted the award from Deepsikha.

The Thank You Speech

“I honestly thank my grandmother for being my greatest fan, Dadi I love you. I will always be in debt to my parents for letting me live my dreams and being a product of the nineties, I thank all the heroes who blazed the silver screen with aplomb and unknowingly made me who I am today.

So big thank you to all you heroes, you all are my idols. And what a newcomer like me can expect more when the great Amit Mehra hugs him, I promise you, Sir, I won’t bathe for the next seven days.” The whole auditorium seemed to burst in jubilation.

Somewhere in the first row sat a prolific producer-director Ranajay Bhanushali, who was observing Rajveer and Deepsikha together and was weaving a web of stories in his head which would eventually have his trademark master strokes of aesthetic touches. It is said in the industry, Ranajay does not make movies, and rather he composes poetries and then adds cinematic brilliance to his compositions.

The Star!!!

Right at that night, a super successful history was being written of this trio on the pages of Indian Cinema which would enthrall the nation and would take it by storm.

A Star was born in the majestic cine empyrean without any godfather, without being a star kid, proving that the concept of NEPOTISM cannot captivate a true genius like him – his gifted brilliance and acting forte will embellish the wide blue yonder of Indian Motion Pictures in years to come.

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